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I Tried to Do Handstands For You

This week on the blog, I’m going to do something a different and not make it all about me. I have no pithy experiences or observations to share and I won’t be emptying my thoughts into a bucket for public review. However, I do wonder what would it look like if we COULD empty our thoughts into a storage container like the Pensieve in the Harry Potter books? Would my thoughts be a swirling mass of blue and pink energy waltzing in time? Or would they be a dark, cloudy mass full of anxiety dreams and worries in a mosh pit at a punk concert? I wish I could draw that. Where was I? Oh yes, this week, I am going to let others do the work as I offer you up some interesting morsels of inspiration found during my internet travels.

Our first stop is this blog post I wrote months ago about making your own creative automat. It’s one of my favorite posts and apparently resonated with my friend Neal who was finding his daily routine involved too much time on Facebook and watching Breaking Bad reruns and not enough creative time. Neal is a freelance cartoonist and animator who was inspired by my automat post to change his own creative routine by using the respectful act of bowing taught in Aikido. You can read all about how he did it by clicking here.

The next act of brilliance comes from a writer who wasn’t inspired by anything I wrote but got ME to challenge my own thought processes. The challenge came from a blog post on the website of a literary magazine called Ploughsares in which the author wrote about an important lesson she learned from her yoga teacher when she was too afraid to try a headstand in class. The yoga teacher wisely told the class to do the headstand as if they already knew how. It’s was that whole fake it ‘til you make it thing that retrains your brain into thinking you CAN do something rather than giving in to your fears and quitting before you try.

After I read the post, I thought about my fears and and applied it to my daily routine at work. I jumped into projects and meetings with the mantra: do your headstand and it worked! I displayed confidence in my projects and my co-workers responded positively.

What about you gentle reader? Did you find anything this week that inspired YOU to greatness and to do headstands?


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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