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Living an Inspired Life

Maybe it was the new moon or maybe the alignments of the planets are off. Or maybe it was because the rainy season officially arrived this week as the clouds moved in for their 9 month stay. Trumpeters stood outside of the coffee shops sounding the alarm for everyone to stockpile coffee, strong red wine and dark beer as the seasonal depression creeps in. Or maybe it is because I don’t have a freakin’ job, but everything was off last week. Really off. Everything was bad and as dark as the low-hanging rain clouds. Nothing was good and try as I might I could not lift myself out of my funk.

So, in an effort to prevent myself from being bludgeoned to death by my husband, I spent most of Thursday holed up in the local public library. The library near my house is wonderfully bright and happy and free of stinky people. Students work on homework while updating their Facebook pages and people using the computers for job searches and resume building. Sure there’s the occasional child having a meltdown, but those only last for a few minutes.

While I was taking a break from actual work, I picked up a copy of Writers Digest to get caught up on the latest writing news and creativity. Mixed in with the featured author interviews and stories on how to deal with writer’s block, was an article on how to have an inspired week. The article focused on creating daily activities like writing a poem or setting a word count for the week while trying new things and making observances. The suggestions peaked my interests as they were easy to follow and, well, inspiring. I wrote the ideas down in my journal and will be testing out the suggestions next week as I try to lead a more inspiring life.

Each day next week, I will share my journey with you, gentle reader, and report back with my findings and observances. At the end of each post, I’ll list the following day’s activities so you can play along and report your observances as well.

Beginning on Monday, my tasks include:

  • Setting a word count goal for the week
  • Visiting a library or bookstore and pick up or buy a book I’ve been meaning to read
  • Order a drink I’ve never tried before (it can be tea or something non-alcoholic) and write about who would drink it and what I think of said drink.
  • I am also going to take lots of pictures of my journey as I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking pictures.

These goals are do-able as they don’t take up lots of time and I can plan them throughout the day. I’ll cross-post on Facebook, but you might want to subscribe to my blog so as to not miss an exciting episode.

So, as I go about trying to live an inspired life, what about you? Are you looking to take small steps out of your comfort zone and share your experiences? Let’s play along together and maybe we’ll invent a new element and make additions to the periodic table. Or write the next great American novel.

It could happen.


About Anna Alexander

I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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