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How to Enjoy Sunday Nights in 6 Easy Steps


Like most human beings, when Sunday afternoon rolls around my motivation to do anything productive wanes and the heaviness of the upcoming week creeps into my well-rested consciousness. The early-morning wake up calls, the busy commute, and the pile of work to get done, along with side projects I need to work on threaten to upset all the repairs and rebuilding I did on my mind and body over the weekend. Most of the time, a simple reminder to the creepy crawlies that there is plenty of day left to skip in the streets, read in my backyard, and split a couple of atoms before the day is over does the trick. This weekend, however, the creepy crawlies weren’t listening. The long list of items to get done at work next week I left in my desk on Friday and a few freelance jobs I’ve picked up were lurking on the horizon and diminishing my nice Sunday.

So, instead of sitting down and thinking about how I’m going to deal with these projects, I ignored my To-Do-List and headed outside with my iPod and listened to A Closer Look Radio. As the Content Editor for the show, I am responsible for taking notes and writing a recap of the show to give listeners an idea of what they missed out on and why they should listen. The show inspires me to write and I knew I had to get it done today. What I didn’t know is how the show would inspire this week’s blog post.

Last week, Pam interviewed David Heenan the author of Bright Triumphs from Dark Hours. David was on the show talking about how to turn adversity into success when we are looking down a dark tunnel and not seeing any lights. As a seasoned cynic, I’m not the type to tell someone to turn life’s lemons into lemonade, but rather take the lemons and turn them into compost or lob them at annoying barking dogs and their owners. However, as I took notes on the show I found myself nodding in agreement with what David said as my note taking became more furious. David’s strategy for facing adversity is simple and yet powerful:

  1. Learn from adversity and move on
  2. Fashion a new dream; as you move along your path recalibrate your dreams to your ambitions
  3. Sell your vision; be a dealer in hope and get others excited about your vision
  4. Create partnerships! Surround yourself with inspiring people that give good advice
  5. Focus on your goals and make things as simple as possible
  6. Don’t wait! A great dream is just that if we don’t put any action behind it

David also said something I circled and underlined many times and that was: Divide and Conquer. No, he didn’t mean raiding and looting small villages but he rather breaking up large projects into manageable pieces when things get overwhelming. When I have a mountain of chores or projects to get done, I tend to look at the whole mountain and wonder how I’m going to climb it instead of looking at each individual rock. Or I just ignore the whole mountain and focus on the closest shiny object. I took David’s advice and wrote down the list of things I need to get done next week and parsed everything out to a particular day. By doing this, I turned my mountain into a more manageable molehill and got inspired to boot!

So, gentle reader, how can you learn from adversity and get inspired? Drop me a line and drown out all the spam bots! Their broken English and bad links have no place here!


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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