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Living Deliberately


My weekly blog posts have been unusually absent for a few weeks, and gentle reader, will be again for a few more weeks. I have been busy writing articles for pay and seeking out new projects. This was the first weekend in a long time I didn’t have 5 articles due by Monday and a bunch of projects to complete. While I do enjoy the money, I don’t enjoy the stress and spending my weekends in front of the computer.

This weekend I met up with my group of creative friends and we exchanged ideas, notes, and experiences and solved many of the world’s problems. At the end of our gatherings we set intentions or pull a card from a tarot deck to focus our intention for the next month. The card I pulled was from the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck. The card’s focus was on hitting my mark, not letting myself do all the work (like a good Virgo) and most importantly, to live deliberately.

Next week I will be flying halfway around the world to go on a bike tour of New Zealand and spend a couple of days in Sydney, Australia with my dad and sister. I have been to Europe three times and traveled around the U.S. but never gone a trip this big. I have not spent 15 hours on a plane and not eaten vegemite. I have to admit, I am a little overwhelmed and not quite sure what to expect. What I am, however, is excited.

The card I pulled about living deliberately got me thinking about this trip. My dad presented this trip to me and my sister last November and, without asking our supervisors at work if we could have the time off, we simply said yes, we are going. I have been trolling the interwebs for the past couple of days looking at pictures of Milford Sound, Sydney Harbour and other sites.

When you think about how short life really is, it makes me wonder why we don’t take more risks. There are the usual excuses: comfort, patterns, inertia, etc. that keep us from jumping off the cliff but is it worth it to stay home and watch re-runs of Jersey Shore? Yeah, I’m a busy girl and I don’t slow down enough, but I LIVE. My mother always told me to get out of the house and go on adventures, so I do.

In the next two and a half weeks, I’m going to do my best and live deliberately and explore and truly enjoy my trip “down under”. What about you? How can you live deliberately? How can you apply that to your own creativity? I want to hear all about it when I come back. I’ll have plenty of stories to tell.


About Anna Alexander

I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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