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Give Them Something Real

Taking the train to work every day allows me to listen in on some interesting conversations – some I want to hear and others not so much. There’s the men and women yelling at their spouses and telling them that yes, even though they have slept with many women/men they ARE faithful. Or the two homeless men trying outdo each other as to who has had the worst life. Or my favorite, the LOUD teenager screeching about music, manga, a mutual friend who may or may not be a ‘ho. Occasionally I get to hear something worthwhile that makes me turn off my iPod and listen.

On the way to work last week, I was sitting near two gentlemen who were talking about their workplace. From what I gathered they worked for a high tech company that may or may not be run by two guys named Steve (not the dead one) and Bill. They were expressing their frustration with the bureaucracy of the company and how difficult it was to get decent products to the customer. About the time one of the gentlemen started talking about “change management” I took out my notebook and started taking notes. Yes, I did take notes -but it’s for your benefit, Gentle Reader.

The main point of the discussion was that the company shouldn’t just “roll shit into production and use ideological management” but to really give the customer something they can use. I began underlining my notes when they talked about creating an infrastructure model for change and making their company relevant. Normally Corporate Speak makes me want to throw things, but this conversation really got me thinking. Why do we fear change so much? Does the same way we’ve been doing things really work? Is there life out of our comfort zones? I’d like to think so.

As a writer I take this in account when I market my services to people. I was a journalist in my previous life and can write quality product quickly and efficiently and I never miss a deadline. I can also change my tone to the client’s needs and really listen to what they want. In her marketing workshops, Pam Atherton talks about making your business relevant and how to differentiate from yourself from the competition. She urges small business owners to find one or two things that will attract people to your services and get beyond the basics. This is good advice for not only your professional life but personal life as well.

Pam also recently interviewed an expert in this field on A Closer Look Radio and had a great discussion on how to manage change. Listen to the interview here.

Before I got off the train, the conversation ended on change management; how to make things more efficient, getting beyond ingrained beliefs. By discussing the flaws and solutions to getting products to their clients, these two guys inspired me while also making me think. How do we as artists, writers, business people and just plain human beings, use change management when we adjust to change and how do we use it to find solutions to our problems? Keep with the old or look into new ideas? Tell me your ideas! Keep those spammers from commenting!


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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