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Reinvention Series: Antartica & The Acting Bug Pt II

In the first half of this interview, Jessica Manuel (actor, transformational coach, and all around fabulous person) talked about her journey from the ice and snow of Antarctica to the stage lights of Los Angeles. In the second half of this interview, Jessica talks about her life as a Transformational Coach, her website, and offers up the readers of this here blog a special deal on her coaching services. Take advantage of this offer because who knows when Jessica will be famous and you can say you worked with her when. Enjoy!

1. What made you start Future Me! Now and how does it work?

I started Future Me…Now! because I had been reading a lot about manifestation. It’s based on the law of attraction. The idea that we get what we focus on and our thoughts become things. We can measure what we are focusing on by our results. For example, say you want to be prosperous, but you keep focusing on all your bills… what do you get? More bills. I also created it because we have so many opportunities to blog, tweet and post about what is. I wanted a place where people could post about what will be. A place to focus on the things we want to manifest. It’s a chance to be at cause in your life instead of effect. Plus, it’s fun!

2. You are living and working in L.A. as an actor and Transformational Coach – What is a Transformational Coach and why does it appeal to you?

As a Transformational Coach I ask the questions, “Who are you?” “What do you want?” and “What is standing in your way from getting the things you want.” That’s what I do in a nutshell. I had a production company and of the partners had taken the 28-day course with The International Academy of Self- Knowledge (ISAK) and recommended it. As I mentioned earlier, I am very interested in the law of attraction, how thoughts become things and meditation. At that point I felt that I had read every book on the subject and done every exercise, but I still felt stuck. It wasn’t until taking the course that I recognized that I had blocks in my subconscious that were inhibiting me from achieving my goals. The technology that Dr. Libby Adams, the founder of IASK, is cutting edge. I moved through these blocks and changed my life in ways I never thought possible. My life is filled with an inner peace that was never there before. It definitely was an “A-Ha” moment for me to become a coach. I thought, “If I can help people to unlock their true potential and live the life they always dreamed of? Sign me up”! I’m still acting and in the future I hope to combine the two skills by possibly having my own show. Guess I should go to Future Me…Now! and start posting.

3. What recommendations to do you have for people looking to transform their lives and truly work toward their dreams?

Here’s a couple of things:

  • Meditate, meditate, meditate! I Can’t stress enough how good this is for you. Even if you just sit for 15min a day with your eyes shut and focus on your breath, this can have amazing effects. Here’s a good website that has free meditations that are great! Their books are wonderful too!
  • Focus on what you want… not what you don’t want. Start to create your reality. Become a deliberate creator of you life! If we focus on what is, we get more of what is. Expand your mind to look beyond what is to what you want to be. If this is a new concept here’s an excellent book. They have a helpful website to explore as well.
  • Email me! Truly this is the best thing I can offer. I feel like I’ve done everything from reading books, going to seminars to practicing Buddhism. This course is the one thing that has transformed my life at the core. I’d like to offer your readers a 50% discount on an Intro to Self-Discover session. This is a two hour individual coaching session. Normally priced at $250 I’ll offer for $125 if you mention this interview. The good news is that I work over the phone or Skype so it doesn’t matter where you live! Here’s some more information about the Self-Discovery session and what we’ll be doing:

I look forward to working with you. Here’s to transforming your life and living your dreams!!


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