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Fragments and Shrapnel: Do Watcha Wanna

I blame “Weird Al” Yankovic for ruining this week’s blog post. Here I was all set to write a nice little column about something of vital import and he had to go ahead and do an interview with NPR about following your muse. Have a listen.

The interview brought full circle all of the blinking and fluorescence signs the Universe has been sending me. Earlier in the week, I read this blog post by Cynthia Briggs who encouraged her readers to flying their freak flags. I wont’ summarize the post, but one particular sentence caught my attention: I bet your odd self has its own ways of grabbing your attention, of reminding you that for all your trying, there’s a hint of crazy in you that craves some fresh air and freedom.

While I was mulling over that idea, a friend on Facebook posted a YouTube link of The Rebirth Bass Band playing Do Watcha Wanna.

OK, OK I get it. Be different! Be unique! Who cares what others think?!

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that I’m trying to reinvent myself and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. But, Weird Al’s words hit a chord with me and reminded me to stop waiting for everything to perfect and just jump. Chase after that little dust ball of hope, follow it under the bed and grab on and don’t let go. Most importantly he said to stop defining ourselves by our jobs and chase after our muses.

Last week on A Closer Look Radio, Pam interviewed corporate speaker and author Robert Tucker. He lent his expertise on how to be innovative in business but one thing he said really touched me. He said, “Each day you should sit down and figure out what is you want to manifest.” Wow!! I guess it is time for me to start making some lists.

I feel like the Universe opened all the windows in my head is airing it out; something I’ve needed done for a long time. I can’t wait to see where things go. I’ll close with the .sig file my mom uses in her e-mails: Thoughts become words, words become actions. Choose wisely.


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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