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Fragments and Shrapnel – The Cheering Section

The other day at work a client was booking an appointment and I noted that Thanksgiving was two weeks away. We both got that dazed look on our faces and looked around for the nearest clock to slow down time. You could hear the lists of things to get done before Thanksgiving in both of our heads and it wasn’t pretty.

Today I was at a chain store buying beauty products and was duly informed that Thanksgiving will be skipped this year and I should begin my Christmas shopping now. I apologized to the clerk ringing up my purchases for having to listen to Christmas music so early in the “season”. She nodded and rolled her eyes.

Yahoo had a front page story about Target offering $4 televisions on Black Friday. It made me glad I have to work the day after Thanksgiving because I don’t want to be around any of that craziness.

Despite the onslaught of an early Christmas I have decided this year I am actually going to enjoy the “holiday season” and not furiously kill myself making gifts. Having relatives in the Midwest I have to be prepared and get everything done early which causes some stress for me. But one late evening I watched city crews put up lights in the trees and it gave me hope as the rainy season set in. I wasn’t as anxious to grab the nearest mug of high-octane coffee or Oregon Pinot Noir as the dark set in – but I will anyway.

Another thing that makes my life easier is Powell’s Holiday Catalog. I was there the other day for a little retail therapy and picked up the guide for gift ideas. I seriously thought about buying Mark Twain’s Autobiography until I realized the book weighed more than my cat. There are some other better, lighter ideas for gifts.

If you’re like me and have people on your list who have EVERYTHING consider giving to their favorite charities in their names… or a charity you think they would appreciate. If you want to make sure the charity you are giving to actually says what it does check out CharityNavigator.Org to find out if your money is going towards the cause rather than someone’s huge salary.

Or if you still need ideas, check out A Closer Look Health and Lifestyle Edition this Tuesday. Pam will whip out her annual gift guide of the most unusual and unique gifts to give to your family and loved ones. I’m excited for this because I’m going to need a few more tricks up my sleeve this year.


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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