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Fragments and Shrapnel – Variations on a Theme

I have never been good to sticking to one theme. I don’t color inside the lines and have no problems mixing and matching patterns as long as the final product is presentable. That’s why in this week’s episode of F&S, I am throwing a bunch of themes and ideas with no matching theme into my cauldron to whip up a tasty brew of content and time-wasters. I guarantee these tidbits of trivia will make you at least 4% smarter and 2% more attractive at cocktail parties. You can thank me later.

I have had my fair share of cooking disasters and the scars and burn marks to prove it, so it was with great pleasure and curiosity when I found out there was a Museum of Burnt Food. There’s also a conspiracy museum, PT Barnum museum and a ventriloquist museum. Who knew?! This week Neato.Com dug out an old article and posted some of the findings at the museum like burnt macaroni and cheese, a burnt tortilla and a burnt lemon. I’ve made some big cooking mistakes (don’t me started on my failed spaetzle experiment) but nothing that bad. Also from Neato.Com comes this rather disturbing article on which faceless conglomerations own which television channels. When it comes down to it only a handful of corporations control what you see and read every day. Scary, huh?

Speaking of scary, have you ever found yourself at a cocktail party discussing weaponry used during World War II? Well, if you haven’t this article on the top 10 Bizarre Weapons will make you 50% more interesting the next time it’s brought up. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want their own Rota buggy or homeless man to be used as a weapon of deceit? Being married to a history geek, I actually find these types of things interesting.

Moving right along, the world managed to get through the 5th of November aka Guy Fawks Day without gunfire treasons or plots. In honor of this holiday, GeekoSystem has a short list of the top 10 Historical English Folk Heroes. Thrown into the mix is King Arthur, Lady Godiva and a few other people I haven’t heard of. While you’re there, read the article on the 10 Fictional Workforces Most in Need of a Union. You’ll never look at spice miners the same again.

And last but certainly not least, this week on A Closer Look Radio Pam interviews writer, performer and Oscar nominee Larry Hankin. Larry started his career with Second City and had roles in Friends and Seinfeld. It should be a fun hour and I can’t wait to hear it!


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