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Fragments and Shrapnel – Photo Walk Edition

You may have been too busy mowing your lawn or tending to your garden this weekend to know that you missed World Wide Photo Walk.  Luckily for you, I was one of the millions (thousands) who participated.

I first heard about this event from my friend Kim. Kim is an enabler. No, she doesn’t push me to drink or do drugs or hang out with questionable people (some could say all my friends are questionable but that’s another post). No. She encourages me to be creative. She pushes me to find Neat Things and Neat Books. Half of the links on F&S are because of her. It’s her fault my RSS feeds are a mile long. She gives me ideas and makes me stop and write things down so I can use them for later. So, when she casually mentioned World Wide Photo Walk was taking place in MY town, I got excited.

World Wide Photo Walk was started by photographer Scott Kelby as a way for photographers to get out into their cities and make friends and take pictures along the way. Last year over 30,000 photo walkers participated around the world from over 900 cities around the world. It’s a free event and all you need is a camera and some good walking shoes.

The photo walkers in Vancouver  met at the base of the clock tower at Esther Short Park.  There were about 15 of us all with a variety of cameras ranging from point and shoot to really-expensive-don’t-drop-this variety.

I felt a little intimidated because I have a boring point-and-shoot but a few others showed up with their point-and-shoot cameras and the pressure was off.

After a brief meeting from the team leader we were off. Some followed the same path as the team leader and others wandered off on their own. We were to meet back in two hours.

During the two hours I wandered around downtown Vancouver, I noticed things I had only glanced at and got to explore parts of downtown I never really noticed.

At the end of our two hours I gained a new appreciation of where I live and met some interesting people.

We took shelter from the sun and on the lawn and ate food from the Farmer’s Market. Not a bad way to end a nice day.

If you don’t have a Photo Walk in your town, start one! It’s a great way to explore and meet interesting people. No one cares if your camera still has film in it! It’s fun AND free!

In other photography news, we’ve all seen the National Geographic Picture of the Afghan woman with the haunting eyes. The photographer, Steve McCurry used Kodachrome film (Momma don’t take my Kodachrome awayyyyyy) to get that shot. When Kodak stopped production of Kodachrome they gave their last roll of film to McCurry to shoot. He just processed the film and a slide show can be found on NPR’s website.


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