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Fragments and Shrapnel – What can you do with these pieces?

One of the things I enjoyed most about working in radio was meeting and interviewing creative people. I’m not just talking about artists and musicians but about scientists, teachers and a husband and wife who found their niche growing lavender. I love it when people take something simple like recycling old computer parts and turning them into steam punk furniture or take something normal and turn into art. The thing I liked about working in radio was working with creative people and watching them take dire situations (like a guest not showing up for an interview) and turning the opportunity into something great.

A friend and I taught a workshop a couple weeks ago on how the simple act of tasting and drinking wine can help you become more creative. Don’t believe me? Take our workshop!

It got me thinking about other ways I could be creative and I came across a few websites of people using their spare time (some could say they have too much) to create art, recycle old parts and write.

First up, I found a Wall*E 365 project on Flickr. It’s the same premise as the 365 Leggo projects and other 365 toy projects but I love the ideas people come up with to keep the project fresh. One particular photographer’s entries I enjoyed was this guy’s project.  I don’t know who Brian Scott Berkovitz is but I loved what he’s done with the project and will check back with him often.

Switching gears a bit, a few weeks ago I found myself sucked into Ted.Com listening to a lecture by David Byrne. The topic of his discussion was about how archetecure has helped music evolve. He starts with the smallest performances venues he’s played to grand performance halls. Check out the video here:

Byrne’s talk got some people at thinking about how musicians have used architecture on their album covers to sell records but also to convey their messages. The article is here.

One of my newest TV obsessions from Bravo! is Sarah Jessica Parker’s new reality show Work of Art. It’s like Project Runway but with art supplies. Last week they went to a junk shop and were told to make art out of recycled computers and electronics. Some of the pieces were interesting and others made me yawn. 1-800-Recycling showcased how people took their junk and turned it into Star Wars characters. It’s just yet another reason why I need to win the lottery.

And last, but certainly not least, I have two websites for the creative writer in all of us. We’ve all had those days when we have projects to get done and words to write but the blank page refuses to fill itself.  WriteToDone.Com is of the many (billions?) websites written and created by Leo Babauta. He is the creator of Zen Habits andother websites to help you calm down and be a more productive person. I don’t know when that man sleeps but he always has timely material.

The second is from an article I found called the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs.  Not sure why my blog isn’t featured but give it time. If you need writing prompts, inspiration or just ideas on how the other people do it, this list will satisfy your cravings. I have booked marked this page and added many of the sites to my RSS Feeds.

What is the point of all of this? Well, this week on A Closer Look Radio, Pam interviews actor Ed Begley Junior who, as we all know, has become a huge advocate in the green living world and even lives in a low carbon home supported by green energy . In my mind he’s used his creativity to create a better life for himself and reduce his carbon footprint.

How bad can that be?


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