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Fragments and Shrapnel – Not what it seems

Did you know that the movie Psycho turns 50 this week? Neither did I. Normally I would say something about how that makes me feel old but I never really grew up with Psycho. I learned to appreciate it later when some friends and I got to renting all of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies and watching them on the weekends.  It didn’t mess me up as much as watching all of the Twin Peaks episodes but it did make me think and get a little nervous.

Here’s something that made me feel old: Industrial Light and Magic is 35 this week. Yeah. Now THAT makes me feel old.

But back to Psycho. My favorite podcast, Studio 360, dedicated this week’s episode to the movie Psycho. They explored the meaning behind the movie, the characters, and the effect it had on people’s perceptions of seedy motels.  How many Bates Hotels are there now? The one thing that struck me from the podcast was that contrary to popular opinion, Janet Leigh did NOT do the naked shower scene.  Yeah, that was her screaming and her face on tub, but it wasn’t her body.  Here’s an interview with the woman who did the nude scene.

I’ve read interviews with Janet Leigh who talked about how uncomfortable the scene was and the stuff they made her wear.  She even wrote about it in her autobiography. Maybe she convinced herself she was the naked one in the shower?

The story got me thinking about how things aren’t always what they seem. So many things we think are X are actually Y or the product of someone’s imagination. I did some Googling on the phrase and found this video.

While I was writing this article I asked my husband about popular misconceptions and he told me that the popular story about the King of Denmark wearing a yellow armband during WWII to show his displeasure towards the Germans is false. Snopes has a nice article about it.

Another article I found from About.Com has the Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Los Angeles They say people don’t walk in L.A. but I don’t believe it. Of course I’ve never been there but no one on TV lies, right?

This week on A Closer Look Radio – Pam talks with one of my favorite character actors Joey Pantoliano about his battle with depression. He recently published a book and started a coalition a few years ago called No Kidding, Me Too.Org “As a vehicle for people in the entertainment industry and others to support the fight against stigma.” Go Guido the Pimp!

Things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes we have to pull back the curtain and not ignore the man who is pulling the strings and spinning the dials and ask him a few questions. What have you found recently that wasn’t what it seemed?


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