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Fragments and Shrapnel – Random bits of miscellany

So, next week I will be flying off on a big jet plane to The Big Apple. Doesn’t anyone call it that anymore? Probably not. It’ll be my first REAL time in New York – the first time being a 5 hour layover before I went to Europe and that probably doesn’t count.  Because I’m flying away next week, my mind has been a bit scattered.  It’s been full of lists and things to get done and oh yeah.. I have to write this column tonight.

This week I’m featuring fun and useful websites I’ve put aside for a rainy day (right now in the Pacific NW it is POURING outside).

First up is a web cam my mom has been checking on a daily basis.  Now, web cams were a big deal in the 90’s but now that we have other assorted time wasters like Facebook, they aren’t as popular. But I got really excited when my mom told me about the Eagles of Hornby Island . Doug and Sheila Carrick set up this webcam so thousands of their closest friends could watch a bald eagle hatch chicks and feed them. They are so cute and this site is so addicting you’ll actually enjoy watching the birds sleep and eat.

Sometimes it’s just the simple things like napping with someone, dropping your cell phone on the sidewalk and not having it break, or the last few hours on a Friday afternoon are things that make life a little extra special. To find out more awesome every day things check out This website started in 2008 and has since been turned into a book. It’s a comforting website you’ll check daily and I promise it will make you smile.

By now everyone has heard of CakeWrecks.  If you haven’t I’d really like to know what rock you’ve been hiding under. If not – go there now – I’ll wait.  Neat, huh?  Well the creators of Cake Wrecks have started a new blog called EPBOT.  It’s a nice diversion from Cake Wrecks and was launched last week. EPBOT is a blog of whatever comes into Jen’s head on any given day. It’s very creative and not your usual blog.

One of my newest writing addictions I recently added to my RSS feeds is Weekend Assignments. Founded in 2004 by Science Fiction writer John Scalzi, Karen and Carly have taken up where he left off.  Each Thursday or Friday a topic is posted to the website like forgotten library books, where you go for face-to-face meet-ups, why you like or don’t like poetry, etc. You write you essay on the weekly topic, post it on your blog and then go back to the website and post a link so others can read it.  This is a great self-promotional tool for writers and a fabulous way to have fun doing it!

So that’s it for me this week, folks. Sorry it’s so short but I have Book Expo and NYC on the mind!


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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