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Fragments y Shrapnel – Blended and on the rocks

A couple of years ago my husband I were sitting in a local movie theater/pub chomping on our popcorn and watching the pre-movie slides. The usual ads for dentists and real estate agents flashed by as we waited impatiently for the movie to start – but one slide caught our attention.  Not because it was interesting but because of what the people in front of us said.  For those of you who don’t live in the Pacific NW and are not familiar with the McMenamins Empire, the theater we were in is called the Kennedy School and was a former elementary school. The McMenamin brothers bought it, gutted it and turned it into a bed and breakfast/pub/movie theater/place you hang out for many hours. So, a slide comes by for a Cinco de Mayo party they were having at one of the other massive B&B’s. The man in front of us turned to his wife and with a straight face said, “Oh.. Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th this year.”  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  OK – laugh.  My husband and I howled with laughter while the clueless couple in front of us gave us dirty looks.

There is a point to this story. The point is I have never really cared about Cinco de Mayo much like I don’t care about St Patrick’s Day or even St Andrew’s Day. These holidays have no bearing on my life and probably never will. I don’t go out and get drunk on these holidays – I save it for more pertinent holidays. Call me a traitor, I don’t care. The other point here is this week’s version of Fragment’s and Shrapnel is full of various and sundry with no hint of Cinco de Mayo but a splash of tequila for good measure.

I love websites and blogs (like mine!) that feature neat and unusual things. That’s why I was so excited when I found You will visit this site OFTEN because the material is just so interesting. The first time I visited I read a LONG post about a cool and creative collection of weight scales. There was the Doormat scale, the Math Weight Scale (for geeks!) and the Wifi scale that sends your body information to your computer.  How cool! I’ll probably be sticking to my boring bathroom scale but these scales are pure genius.  Check out more CrookedBrains content to read about artwork with eggshells, optical pool illusions and more!

Last Christmas my step-mom gave me an Ereader. I haven’t really hadn’t used it, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t have a need.  Now that I’m commuting to work, I’m using my EReader more and more to eliminate the weight in my work bag. Don’t get me wrong, I love books. I always will, but I like having an Ereader for traveling. That’s why I was so excited when a friend told me about all the public domain books at  Free books!! Free classic books! And I’m not ripping anyone off! I visited this site and before I knew it, I had downloaded 5 books. I’ll be able to quote Tolstoy in no time!

I always thought that tequila was something my friends in college drank too much of at frat parties and something that completes a margarita. This week on A Closer Look Radio – Health and Lifestyle EditionPam will interview tequila journalist, Mike Morales. I know absolutely NOTHING about tequila so the inner geek in me squealed with delight when I found his website Even if you don’t like tequila, this website is so worth checking out. There’s tequila news, reports on the state of tequila and even articles on how liquor discounts are bad for spirit makers. How can you not like this site?

Last but not least, a few weeks ago I featured here on these pages. I hadn’t visited the site in a while so I checked on it like one does with an old friend. I was delighted to see they have branched out and now have two new blogs. There’s NeatoBambino which is about kids, parenting and anything else related to those two topics. They also just launched a new Art Blog. There’s not much content there yet, so while you’re waiting, check out this post on the madness of German sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.


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  1. LOL…I loved the Cinquo de Mayo story so much, I went and told my office manager. She didn’t understand why it was funny. At least she got it when I said, “Cinquo de Mayo means May fifth.” Wow.


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