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Fragments and Shrapnel Upon Avon

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! I let Shakespeare’s birthday pass with nary a sonnet or birthday cake. If The Bard was still alive he would be 446 years old. That’s a lot of candles. Apparently there is some argument to whether April 23rd is the true date of his birth. Some say he was born and died on the same day. But let’s not split hairs. This is a forgone conclusion. As merry as the day is long, we will celebrate William Shakespeare this week in Fragments and Shrapnel with a pithy of websites that will keep you in stitches.

If you forgot to celebrate, fear not Horatio, there is still time. GekoSystem.Com put together this list of 5 Geeky Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday. Some of the more creative suggestions include watching episodes of Star Trek, reading Neil Gaiman, and watching The Brak Show (geek points if you know what that is).

On the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, The Telegraph published an important article asking why Shakespeare’s works are disappearing from the classroom. The author points out all of the contributions The Bard has made to English culture and the every day phrases we use that he penned. Such things like wild goose chase, good riddance, and sent him packing are just a few.

Speaking of phrases, you can impress your friends and influence people with this list of Shakespearean phrases and sayings. Click on a phrase like “lay it on me with a trowel” and you’ll get the meaning behind the phrase where it was used in his works. You’ll spend the winter of your discontent here because this site is addicting.. and there’s a Facebook page to boot!  In case your name is too boring, check out Rum and Monkey’s Shakespeare Name Generator. I typed in my name and got Jaquenetta the Banana Lover. Hmm… I don’t think I’ll be applying for a name change any time soon.

I couldn’t end this entry without including the social media aspect of Shakespeare. I’m sure if he was alive these days he would have a Twitter page. In fact, he does! Check out Shakespeare Says on Twitter. Fans can get timely advice and pithy quotes like “A poncho! A poncho! My kingdom for a poncho!” and “Ye gods, I am smitten by love most blind! My lady, with clarion voice and parlous dance, be there yet a Lord Gaga?” Also, check out Bard 365. This blog is your own digital desk calendar of all things great including remakes of Shakespearean plays into movies and images of phrases and words tattooed on people’s bodies.

I love the Internet.


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