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Fragments and Shrapnel would like to thank the Academy

The Academy awards are over and the gowns have been pressed and packed into trunks and the dust has settled. The world continues to spin and we still have to pay our bills and feed the cat.  But I’m not ready to let the glitter go just yet. In this week’s episode of Fragments and Shrapnel, I pull out a few Oscar winning sites that will make you want to thank The Academy.

A few weeks ago I featured Look at This on these here pages as a place to go for the unusual. Needing a little inspiration, I went back and found this little movie gem. This list includes  The 20 Film Scenes Recreated Using Toys, the 35 Best Dance Sequences in Film, 12 Curious Facts about the Oscars and why Bill Murray thinks Ghostbusters III is not the best idea.

Continuing with my Oscar thread is this fabulous Academy Award Winning – Movie Trailer. Created by two art school graduates who couldn’t get a job after college, showcases videos made by “two guys wasting their degrees.”  Enjoy the trailer and click often.

With the advent of computers and automated systems, many jobs went by way of the Dodo. NPR produced this excellent photo gallery of The Jobs of Yesteryear profiling extinct jobs like Elevator Operators and Copy Boys.  I want to get a job reading newspapers or political tracts to tobacco workers. I do excellent voices.

600 years ago when I was about to graduate from college, I took a one- week trip to Europe.  I choose this as my graduation present rather than something practical like luggage or furniture.  The last leg of the trip took us to Paris and we all visited the Musee du Louvre. I really didn’t want to see her but curiosity got the best of me and I stood in the crowded and hot room to get a peak at The Mona Lisa.  While others struggled to get close enough to the Plexiglas to take a picture, I just shrugged and walked out of the room. There are MUCH better pieces of art in The Louvre than The Mona Lisa.  One thing I always did wonder is who was she?  Well one blogger did a little digging and came up with the answers to “Who are these people?” in 8 different famous paintings.

I’ve saved the best gem for last and let me introduce to you, Let’s Blog AboutYou . The focus of this website is to profile interesting people via interviews. Period.  Everyone from photographers to sheet metal workers to physicists to aldermen of Chicago’s 9th Ward are profiled on this page. I love this idea so much I might steal it and put some interviews on these pages.

If you know of anyone who should be interviewed for this project, drop me a line:


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