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Fragments and Shrapnel – The Digital Version

This week in Fragments and Shrapnel – it’s all about YouTube and Genealogy!

Most people don’t think of Scotland when they think of Johnny Cash. Usually it’s his music, Folsom Prison, and his sordid past. But the BBC radio took a different look at The Man in Black and explored his Scottish genealogy in this half hour radio program. There are interviews with people who knew him while he was searching for his roots and daughter Rosanne talks about how he referred to himself as a king when he checked himself into the hospital. The BBC will only have it on their website for 6 more days so times a wasting and check it out now before it disappears.

Speaking of genealogy, the other night I was vegging in front of the TV trying to decompress. The latest reality TV show and sitcom were not sitting well with me so I flipped to the local public television station. I got sucked into Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Mr. Gates and crew explores the families and genealogical history of 12 renowned Americans from Stephen Colbert to Yo-Yo Ma, to Mario Batali to Queen Noor. I cried with Kristi Yamaguchi when Mr. Gates showed her the awards her grandfather won in World War II. As a person whose family never talked about our history other than “We’re German” I was touched by this show. The first episode can be found on the PBS website and the next episode will air on Wednesday.

What do kilts and katana swords have in common? Accidental Scottish Ninjas that’s what! Watch all of these bizarre videos starting with the pilot! Wear your kilt! Wield your sword! Scottish Ninjas are all the rage!

When bearded geeks get together and produce a video magic happens. And so does Neutra Face. This video is so good I made my friend Amy stop writing her grant proposal and watch. Take a few minutes out of your grant writing and watch THE BEST parody of Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face. You will love it even if it’s bold italic.


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