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Fragments and Shrapnel – 100% Romance Free

Valentines Day is upon us and this week on Fragments and Shrapnel, I refuse to post anything related to that dreaded day.  Yes, I have been married for almost 10 years and I still don’t like Valentine’s Day. That being said, your heart will go pitter-pat over the awesome content I have for you!

Two of this week’s links come from the July 2009 issue of Wired Magazine I stole borrowed from the gym. It was an OLD copy someone left there. Like you’ve never borrowed an old magazine from the dentist because you HAD to have the killer roasted chicken recipe?! Uh huh.

You’ve seen them everywhere. They “stalk” you on the sidewalk. They “follow” you into the bathroom. What are “they”?   They are unnecessary quotation marks and records of these signs, labels and grammatical mistakes can be found on  I “guarantee” this site will have you laughing and you’ll check it daily for updates.

Have you ever pulled out an expired container of sour cream from the back of fridge and wondered if it still good?  My aunt always used to tell me if I questioned the freshness of my food I should feed it to my roommate.  If your roommate or spouse is uninterested in being your test subject, click on to find out if your old yogurt  is deadly or still edible.  This site pulls no punches when it comes to freshness. I typed in “peanut butter” and got 4 hits including “peanut butter commercially processed containing hydrogenated fat opened jar” to “peanut butter natural containing no stabilizers.”  This is a very thorough and fun site to visit.

I’m probably the last person on earth who hadn’t heard of  Wikihow until I borrowed the copy of Wired from the gym.  But I simply can’t get enough of this site. Want to learn how to make a gradient in Paint without using a filter? You can! Get free movie tickets? Wash your paint brushes? Give your cat medicine without losing a limb?  It’s all here!  I guarantee you’ll spend hours here searching for obscure topics.

John Scalzi is an author, freelance writer and genuinely funny guy.  His daily blog WhateverScalzi posts run the gamut from taping bacon to his cat to the latest kerfuffle over Amazon and Macmillian publishing. He posted a 3-act play staring “modern thinker” Elton P. Straumann, John Scalzi and Scalzi’s wife Kristine (who does not approve of bacon being taped to the cat) that had me howling with laughter.  He also gives daily updates on his cat’s activities.

Got a website YOU’d like featured on Fragments and Shrapnel?  E-mail me: Anna @ acloserlookradio dot com.


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I get ideas. I write things. I sometimes follow through with those ideas. I also run long distances and live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband cat who lets us pay the mortgage on his house.

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